Troubleshooting Common MotorGuide Tour Pro Problems

MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motors have become a favorite choice among anglers due to their advanced features and reliable performance on the water. However, like any mechanical device, they may experience certain issues that can hinder their functionality and affect the overall boating experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into seven common MotorGuide Tour Pro problems, including their causes and practical solutions.

7 MotorGuide Tour Pro Problems

Here are the common issues you may experience with your MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motor, plus valuable insights to effectively troubleshoot these motor-related issues.

Problem #1: Erratic Steering or Control

One of the frequently reported problems with MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motors is erratic steering or control. This issue can be frustrating and make it challenging to navigate the boat precisely.


  • Loose or damaged steering cables: Check for any signs of wear or looseness in the steering cables, as they can impact the responsiveness of the motor’s steering mechanism.
  • Faulty connection between the foot pedal and the motor: Inspect the connection between the foot pedal and the motor to ensure it is securely fastened and free from damage.
  • Incorrect calibration of the motor’s control settings: Refer to the motor’s user manual to properly calibrate the control settings, ensuring they are aligned with the specific requirements and preferences.
  • Interference from nearby electronic devices: Electronics such as fish finders or radios can cause electromagnetic interference, disrupting the motor’s control. Try to minimize the proximity of these devices to the trolling motor.


  • Tighten any loose steering cables and replace damaged cables if necessary.
  • Check and secure the connection between the foot pedal and the motor, ensuring it is functioning correctly.
  • Calibrate the control settings according to the manufacturer’s instructions to optimize the motor’s responsiveness.
  • Move away from areas with high electromagnetic interference to ensure uninterrupted control.

Problem #2: Power Loss or Inconsistent Speed

Another common issue faced by MotorGuide Tour Pro users is power loss or inconsistent speed, which can significantly impact the motor’s performance and overall efficiency.


  • Insufficient battery power or faulty batteries: Check the battery power level and consider replacing old or malfunctioning batteries that may not provide adequate power.
  • Loose electrical connections: Inspect the connections between the battery, motor, and wiring harness to ensure they are secure and free from corrosion or damage.
  • Clogged propeller or debris in the motor’s lower unit: Regularly clean the propeller and inspect the lower unit for any debris or obstructions that may hinder its operation.
  • Overheating due to prolonged use or inadequate cooling: Excessive use without allowing the motor to cool down can lead to overheating. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation and cooling around the motor.


  • Verify the battery power and replace any faulty batteries to ensure the motor receives sufficient power for optimal performance.
  • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections, cleaning them if necessary to enhance conductivity.
  • Clean the propeller regularly, removing any debris or obstructions from the lower unit.
  • Avoid extended periods of continuous operation and allow the motor to cool down periodically, especially in hot weather conditions.

Problem #3: Excessive Noise or Vibration

Experiencing excessive noise or vibration from the MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motor can be bothersome and negatively impact the overall boating experience. It may also indicate underlying issues requiring attention.


  • Loose mounting brackets or components: Check all mounting brackets and components, such as the motor head and shaft, to ensure they are securely fastened.
  • Worn-out propeller or lower unit components: Inspect the propeller and lower unit components for signs of wear or damage, as worn-out parts can contribute to noise and vibration.
  • Bent or damaged shaft: A bent or damaged shaft can cause imbalance and result in excessive vibration during operation.
  • Inadequate lubrication of moving parts: Proper lubrication of the motor’s moving parts is crucial to minimize friction and noise.


  • Inspect and tighten any loose mounting brackets or components, ensuring they are securely fastened.
  • Replace any worn-out propeller or lower unit components to restore smooth and quiet operation.
  • Repair or replace a bent or damaged shaft to eliminate vibration issues.
  • Ensure proper lubrication of all moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer.

Problem #4: Overheating and Thermal Protection Activation

Overheating and thermal protection activation can occur in MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motors, causing the motor to temporarily shut down for protection. This issue can disrupt fishing trips and pose a safety risk.


  • Continuous high power usage without sufficient cooling intervals: Prolonged use of the trolling motor without allowing it to cool down can lead to overheating. This is particularly common in situations where high thrust levels are consistently utilized.
  • Insufficient water circulation around the motor: Check the water intake ports and make sure they are free from blockages or debris that may impede proper cooling.
  • Debris or weeds obstructing the cooling system: Regularly inspect and clean the cooling system, ensuring there are no obstructions or entangled weeds that may hinder the motor’s cooling process.


  • Allow the trolling motor to cool down periodically during extended use, especially when operating at high thrust levels.
  • Inspect the water circulation around the motor and clear any blockages to ensure proper cooling.
  • Regularly clean the cooling system, removing any debris or weeds that may obstruct the cooling process.

Problem #5: Unresponsive Foot Pedal or Remote Control

Users may encounter issues where the foot pedal or remote control of the MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motor becomes unresponsive, making it difficult to operate the motor effectively.


  • Faulty wiring or connections in the foot pedal or remote control: Inspect the wiring and connections of the foot pedal or remote control, looking for any signs of damage or loose connections.
  • Dead batteries in the foot pedal or remote control: Check the batteries in the foot pedal or remote control and replace them if necessary.
  • Interference from other electronic devices: Nearby electronic devices emitting strong signals can interfere with the foot pedal or remote control operation.


  • Inspect and repair any faulty wiring or connections in the foot pedal or remote control, ensuring proper functionality.
  • Replace dead batteries with fresh ones to ensure reliable operation.
  • Minimize the use of other electronic devices that may cause interference, or increase the distance between them and the trolling motor.

Problem #6: Auto Stow/Deploy Failure

Auto stow/deploy failure can prevent the MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motor from smoothly transitioning between the stowed and deployed positions, requiring manual intervention and potentially causing inconvenience.


  • Mechanical issues with the auto stow/deploy mechanism: Inspect the auto stow/deploy mechanism for any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment that may hinder its proper operation.
  • Obstructions or debris hindering the movement: Regularly clean the motor’s deployment mechanism and ensure there are no obstructions or debris that may impede its smooth functioning.


  • Repair or replace any mechanical issues with the auto stow/deploy mechanism to restore its proper functionality.
  • Clean the deployment mechanism regularly, removing any obstructions or debris that may affect its smooth movement.

Problem #7: GPS or Navigation Malfunction

The GPS or navigation system of the MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motor may experience malfunctions, leading to inaccurate positioning or navigation difficulties, which can be frustrating for anglers.


  • Software glitches or outdated firmware: Check for available software updates or firmware upgrades provided by the manufacturer to address any known issues or improve system performance.
  • Signal interference or weak GPS reception: Ensure that the trolling motor’s GPS antenna has a clear line of sight to the sky, minimizing any obstructions that could interfere with signal reception.
  • Incorrect installation or calibration of the GPS system: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully during installation and calibration to ensure accurate GPS functionality.


  • Update the trolling motor’s software or firmware to the latest version provided by the manufacturer, as this may address any known issues.
  • Minimize interference by moving away from areas with obstructions or electromagnetic devices that could affect GPS signal reception.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and calibration of the GPS system accurately, ensuring its optimal performance.

Wrapping Up

MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motors are renowned for their exceptional performance and features, catering to the needs of anglers. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential problems that can arise during their use. By understanding these common issues and implementing the suggested solutions, users can effectively troubleshoot their MotorGuide Tour Pro trolling motors, ensuring optimal functionality and enhancing their overall boating experience. But if the problems persist or seem beyond your capabilities, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional service center or contact MotorGuide’s customer support for further guidance.

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