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Welcome to Stellar Outdoor Life® – Your Dedicated Resource for Camper and Boating Enthusiasts.

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CamperTroop is owned and managed by Kyle Graham.


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Our Mission

At Stellar Outdoor Life®, our mission is to help you enjoy outdoor sports and activities by providing the information you need so you can spend less time doing research and more time actually doing what you enjoy.

Discover the World of Campers & Boaters with Stellar Outdoor Life®:

At Stellar Outdoor Life®, we’re passionate about all things camper- and boating-related and are here to provide you with valuable insights and information.

Our Content Categories:

Our content is neatly organized into three main categories: Boating, RVs, and Fishing. We cover Informative Articles, Review Articles, and Troubleshooting Articles. Expect a variety of problem-solving and informational pieces on our site, ranging from tackling intricate OBD-II codes to addressing basic engine issues – all designed to assist you comprehensively.

Comprehensive Reviews and Research Process:

For those seeking comprehensive reviews, we’ve got you covered. We also offer thorough reviews of camper and boat accessories and aftermarket parts, always maintaining our commitment to unbiased assessments.

Transparency in Our Research Approach:

We believe in transparency throughout our research process to offer you peace of mind. Each article is meticulously reviewed by our founder, who also serves as our chief editor.

Research and Crafting of Informative Articles:

When creating our informational articles, we follow a structured approach:

  • Research: Our writers delve deep into the topic, gathering extensive information.
  • Validation: The collected information is verified using expert sources.
  • Writing and Editing: The article is carefully written and edited.
  • Chief Editor’s Review: Our knowledgeable chief editor assesses the accuracy of the information.
  • Publication: If the content passes our rigorous checks, it’s published. Otherwise, it’s rejected.

Research and Creation of Review Articles:

Our review articles are meticulously crafted using these steps:

  • Product Selection: We select top-selling RV and Boating products for review.
  • Spec and Feedback Gathering: We gather product specifications from manufacturers and user feedback.
  • User Insights: We research real user experiences across various platforms.
  • Expert Insights: We cross-reference with expert opinions.
  • Crafting the Review: A comprehensive review article is drafted and submitted to the chief editor.
  • Final Review: The chief editor verifies the accuracy of the review and its details.

It’s essential to emphasize that we don’t own the products reviewed on our site. The user experiences and specifications provided are either directly from actual users or sourced from the manufacturer.

Our Revenue Generation Process

At Stellar Outdoor Life®, we operate as a free service that relies on the support of our readers. Our income is generated when you click on affiliate links and make purchases, as well as through third-party advertisements showcased on our platform.

Whenever you click on a link featured on our website and complete a purchase, a portion of that transaction is contributed by the retailer to aid in sustaining our site. This doesn’t result in any additional cost to you and serves as a straightforward method to assist us in funding our valuable content creation and top-notch product reviews. We genuinely appreciate your backing, which drives our endeavors!

Transparency on Affiliate Associations

This website takes part in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate initiative devised to facilitate the earning of advertising fees through links and advertisements promoting Amazon.com. We receive compensation for directing traffic and business towards Amazon and other companies affiliated with our site.

Displaying Advertisements

Stellar Outdoor Life® incorporates display advertisements to further bolster our website’s support structure. These advertisements are supplied by third-party entities and are not under the control of Stellar Outdoor Life®. For comprehensive insights into our advertising practices, please refer to our privacy policy.

Go Ahead and Enjoy the Outdoors!

Whether you want to try something new or are trying to improve your skills, you will get the information and helpful guides that will enable you to do that. We want to encourage people to spend less time with technology, such as watching the latest TV shows (save those for rainy days) but spend more time in nature, even if that means taking a walk or planting a tree or two.