Common Attitude Toy Hauler Problems & Their Solutions

The Attitude Toy Hauler comes in several variants renowned for appealing floor designs and ample storage space. If you’ve ever owned this amazing motorhome, you’ll agree it has significant issues that you must learn how to deal with from time to time. This guide highlights some of the most complained about Attitude Toy Hauler Problems and how to fix them. Some of the issues we’ll cover include battery issues, door, window, and roof sealing, and the water heater blowing out. 

Common Attitude Toy Hauler Problems and How to Fix Them

Many consumers have complained about the design of the Attitude Toy Hauler and its amenities. Even brand-new RV units from this company have issues that need to be fixed before going on a long drive. There is more than one way to fix the problem with this RV. If the warranty on your RV is still valid, you can claim it by visiting the dealer to have it fixed. 

But Attitude customer service is not very friendly; they often decline to give support in cases where you have a warranty to cover repairs. So, to make sure that your RV is running smoothly, you should either work on fixing the issues yourself or hire a mechanic to buy the necessary parts and fix the problem.

Most owners of Attitude Toy Haulers have experienced the following problems:

#1: Hooked Up And Clogged Shower Drain

Shower systems are one of the most valuable parts of a motor home. It often happens in trailers with low ceilings that the shower drains stop functioning. When that happens, the water in the cabin will inevitably come from the inside out. It could cause your bathroom to become completely submerged when you take a shower, causing water to flood the interior. This situation is very serious because water can easily damage the interior of the RV.

There may be a number of reasons why the drain can clog and cause the water to reach the interior of the RV. Some of the factors that cause these issues are as follows:

  • Bad fitting of the hose
  • Clogged pipeline
  • Stuff stuck in the drain
  • Blockage in plumbing vents
  • Overflowing gray water tank

How To Fix A Clogged Shower Drain

First, check that the lock on the water tank is properly secured. Once the valve is properly attached, you need to pull it open. If you have your gray tank attached to the sewage pipe and your environment is warm, it is best to keep the waste tank valve open.

You will need to inspect the water hose connection to find out if any water is still leaking from the gray tank. After emptying, make sure you close the valve fully to avoid leaks. Check the hose connection for any signs of wear. If necessary, replace those with new ones.

Shower drainage kits can be bought for about $15-$20, and you can easily install them yourself. If you buy a kit that includes a drain for your shower, you will only pay for the labor charge. If you want to hire a plumber, it will cost you about $50-$75. It is important to hire a professional to do major maintenance on your RV.

#2: Damaged Doors and Window Seals

RVs allow you to go on very long tours in the wilderness in all kinds of weather. But, the seals on the doors and windows in the Attitude Toy Hauler start to leak when the RV is parked and not properly sealed. Some of the door and window panels in the Attitude Toy Hauler have bad seals that allow water to leak from the cabin when it rains. These low-grade panels will not protect you from water during the rainy season or against hail storms.

You should investigate exactly why the water is leaking from the exterior doors or windows of your Attitude Toy Hauler. Some problems are simple to fix, while others are quite complicated to fix. Leaks around doors or windows in Attitude Toy Haulers are often caused by the following:

  • Damage to the sliding panes
  • Worn-out panel ceilings
  • Loosened knobs and screws
  • Crack on the surface
  • Defect in the mullions
  • Issues in the weep holes

How to Fix Damaged Door and Window Seals

First, cover the leak with duct tape or use poly bags to stop water from entering the RV. Also, check the weep holes in the exterior of the motorhome. You can see the weep holes from the outside of the RV because they are visible from the outside. They are horizontal slots that are usually one to two inches long. 

It is possible to temporarily seal weep holes in the window or wall by applying clear silicone caulk. Remove all debris that is in the weep holes before you try to reseal them. Next, check if the frames are properly sealed. It may be necessary to replace any of the operation knobs or mullions that allow water to pass through to the hauler. If that is the case, you can hire a pro to reseal the frames and do a thorough inspection.

You should hire a good mechanic to repair the frames of your RV and do a full inspection. It will cost you between $70 and $80 per hour to fix the problem.

#3: Blown Water Heater Problem

There are many reports of water heater issues in the Attitude Toy Hauler. It may suddenly stop working completely and not heat up the tank to the appropriate temperature. It can cause a lot of problems if you live in a very cold area or are passing by one. Sometimes when a water heater is blown, you will get cold water even after you have turned on the unit for a long time.

Water heater components can blow up for many different reasons. Some common causes are: 

  • Worn out thermostat
  • Broken wiring harness
  • Internal damage
  • Running out of gas
  • Overheating

How To Fix A Blown Water Heater

First, make sure you have plenty of gas in the tank. If gas leaks from your tank, it cannot heat the water that is in the main tank. Check the circuit board, safety fuse, and ignitor of the water heater. You may need to replace them if they are blown. Regularly servicing your water heater can keep it working well for a long time. Also, clean and drain the water heater tank. 

You will have to spend around $600 to $800 to repair or change the anode on your water heater. After replacing the water heater, install a new thermostat and switch. It’s better to try to find out whether there is a broken water heater thermostat in the water heater or just simply replace the power switch. 

If you hire a technician to inspect the water heater and do a full-scale repair, they may charge you between $50 and $70 an hour. It may cost you over $1,000 for a complete replacement water heater. For an expensive water heater, you may have to pay between $800 and $1000 for a regular ten-gallon water heater.

#4: The Stereo Stops Working

It is very useful for RV owners to have a good stereo system so that they can get the latest information about the weather and other matters. In Attitude Toy Haulers, it is not uncommon for the sound system to fail.

Usually, when you turn on the sound system and start to play some music or listen to the radio, a horrible sound might come from the system. Besides, there are cases when the sound system does not start at all. Here are some typical reasons why a sound system may malfunction.

  • Problems in the wiring harness
  • Damaged circuit board
  • No power in the accessory jack
  • Blown out fuse

How To Fix a Dysfunctional Sound System 

You will start by inspecting the circuit board. Check to see if the system gets adequate power from the 12-volt DC source from the RV battery. First, disconnect the circuit breaker and reconnect the power to the circuit. 

Check a fuse that may have exploded. If that does not work, the system may be defective. You will have to open the fuse box to check if something is wrong. Also, check if any of the accessories are connected correctly. If you still cannot get anything to work, it is possible that the internal wiring in your stereo is damaged and needs to be replaced. It’s better to get the help of a qualified service provider if you want to replace the entire stereo system.

If a mechanic examines your system and gives you a quote to do repairs, they may charge you $100-$200. If it is necessary to replace the stereo in your Attitude Toy Hauler, the cost will be anywhere from $200 to $800. It all comes down to the quality and the brands that you want to include in your Attitude Toy Hauler.

Popular Eclipse Attitude Toy Haulers

Eclipse, a manufacturer of toy haulers and trailers, provides great products and is very well respected. Eclipse is a company that manufactures toy haulers that are not much in the spotlight, but this brand makes some impressive toy haulers such as Attitude that come with wonderful features and the latest innovation and designs. Attitude comes in a variety of great lines of units with great features and sizes.

Toy haulers from Eclipse provide you with the most convenient ways to spend your days while you’re enjoying the great outdoors and adventure trips. With a well-designed and built-in toy hauler, you can camp near a lake or some distant point. The different models are constructed with an interesting, unique design that incorporates an angled ceiling, a unique style to the fiberglass panels, and exteriors that have a sophisticated look with lights that shine like stars.

It features a floor that is extremely strong and hard, plus you get a slide that can convert into a bed and become a comfortable bed. Attitude offers you great capacities and a range that will allow you to live every one of your fantasies and have an enjoyable trip.

No matter if you prefer to camp in the mountains or even sit on the deck with a great view of the sea, the Attitude is the right RV for you. You’ll find everything that you need in order to have a useful and comfortable trip.

The most popular models of Eclipse Attitude include:

1. Eclipse Attitude Limited

Eclipse Attitude Limited has a queen-sized bed that folds up like a regular bed and has two remarkably wide sofa beds that give you ample space to store various things. You can easily load up to 7 feet of stuff you want to take with you and be curious to see what happens. It will allow you to store a lot more things when you are moving.

It is amazing to be able to drop down a bed with a stepping stool to sleep on, particularly if you are traveling with a few friends or if you are traveling with the whole family. The big and bright kitchen is ideal for cooking meals after a lengthy day of climbing, trekking, or just wandering the wilds. The Explorer Attitude Limited comes with a 40-gallon fuel station so you can have sufficient fuel throughout the day.

2. Eclipse Attitude Wide Lite

The Attitude Wide Lite by Eclipse offers you good space as a toy hauler for vacationers. It holds up to 20 inches of cargo space, so you can transport things like an ATV, Kayak, or other large objects. There is plenty of room to carry your ATV, motorcycle, or canoe. With the Attitude Wide Lite, you can have an impressive experience when you set up camp. This truck hauls a lot more toys than some of its competitors.

This trailer has a very large living area and a large kitchen that features a dishwasher, microwave, fridge, and oven. You can even have an electric bed, a dinette, and a couch in the bedroom. If you prefer, you can have a bed and a sofa in the living area as well. With a cargo area that is between 15 and 18 feet, you will have lots of room to enjoy once the toys are loaded. The ramp that opens into the trailer enables you to load up to 3,000 pounds of stuff. You can then simply load up the toys of your choice into the trailer.

3. Eclipse Attitude Pro Lite

The Eclipse Attitude Pro Lite has enough space for up to six people or the whole family. There’s even space for 1-2 rough terrain toys, thanks to the spacious cargo area. It can store all the toys that you bring because of the large cargo space. This trailer can give you the comforts of home. You can just hop in and relax.

You can have an unbelievable evening sleeping in your own private room, with the queen bed set up with a blanket. You’ve probably stirred up some sweat during the day. There is a shower to help you get fresh. It is also possible to use the outdoor shower to get some water to help you be fresh. Inside, you will find a large living room and a spacious kitchen where you can cook suppers and dinners for a large family.

Eclipse Attitude Toy Hauler Features

Below are the key features of Eclipse Attitude toy haulers.

1. Comfortable and New Experience

These trucks bring a new experience to you and your family. Your children will enjoy sleeping in a drop-down bed in the freight area while you go to your own bedroom. In your luxurious bathroom, enjoy relaxing in front of a massive window or unwinding by the pool. The water is heated and refreshing.

2. Vast Cargo Space

If you are doing anything that involves heavy toy hauling, such as trekking, ATVing, or fly skiing, you are covered. You can bring any toys you want to take with you on your adventures. The freight space has an inclined entry that is capable of carrying up to 3,000 pounds. It allows you to unload a number of toys and still have plenty of space. You are allowed to unload your toys using the space above to store them and also get more storage space. You can also use the bed that swings down from the roof and makes it easier to get some rest.

3. Luxurious Interior

Attitude toy haulers can help you climb mountains and navigate difficult roads. You will be able to make the most of your living by relaxing in its luxury interior when you are taking a day off. There is a Birchwood fireplace and brushed nickel cupboard handles. It has two windows that let you enjoy a morning cup of coffee. It is ideal for sitting outside and watching a good movie, and the living room has a 32′′ TV.

Wrapping UP

Before heading out on a long tour, you should do a full overhaul or service on your Attitude Toy Hauler. This camper has a very bad history of causing issues on the drive. Customers should understand that the time spent contacting customer support is not worth it. So if you try to solve the problems before you start your journey, it will be a lot easier for you to relax. 

It will also help you prevent severe problems while driving the RV. We have tried to make it easy for you to know the problems often encountered with the Attitude Tour Hauler RVs and find ways to fix them quickly and easily.

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