Best Proximity Shock Collars for Camping

Are you looking for the best proximity shock collar to contain your pet while camping? With plenty of different proximity shock collar brands available on the market, it can be overwhelming to pick the best one. But don’t worry! We have spent our time and conducted intense research to find the best proximity shock collars designed for outdoor living. We’ve also included a detailed buyer’s guide to help you single out the best available options for camping. We hope you’ll finally get the best proximity shock collar for your dog.

Who Needs The Best Proximity Shock Collar?

Of course, there are many options to contain your dog, but why buy a proximity shock collar? Buying the best proximity shock collar for your dog is advantageous in many ways:

  1. It helps you train your dog and eliminate any bad behavior.
  2. Using a wired fence to contain your dog includes additional maintenance expenses, unlike buying a proximity shock collar. It requires no maintenance.
  3. You won’t incur installation costs, unlike installing a physical fence.
  4. It provides your dog with both security and freedom.

5 Best Proximity Shock Collars

Here are our top five proximity shock collars:

#1. Best Overall: E-Collar-Et-300 – 1/2 Mile Remote Waterproof Mini Educator Remote Training Collar

E-collar-Et-300 – 1/2 Mini Educator is a top-notch training kit for your dog. It helps to eliminate any bad habits from your dog. It covers a mile range of up to 1/2 miles. With 100 different training levels, this dog shock collar is one in a million!

E-collar-Et-300 – 1/2 Mini Educator features a unique lock that lowers the chances of accident switching between the different stimulation levels. The LED light receiver is an amazing feature of E-collar-Et-300 – 1/2 Mini Educator. This feature enables easy location of your dog. Also, this dog shock collar is equipped with a beeper feature that, when switched on remotely, locates the receiver via a transmitter.

It works like a charm! E-collar-Et-300 – 1/2 Mini Educator provides positive training to your dog, transforming its behavior quickly. The nice thing is that this collar requires no dog training experience. It’s fun!

Outstanding Features

  • 1/2-mile range
  • 100 different training levels
  • Has continuous buttons
  • Waterproof
  • It comes with a training clicker
  • Convenient for k-9 police work, park competitions, hunting, and field training
  • Ideal for positive behavior reinforcement
  • Features personalized training
  • Double battery charger
  • Easy to use
  • Some clients complain that the battery charge depletes in a short time.

#2. Best Runner Up: Dogtra 1900S Series: Remote Dog Training E-Collar

The top-quality design is the first thing you’ll notice about Dogtra 1900S Series: Remote Dog Training E-Collar. This shock collar has an ergonomic design and fits comfortably on your dog’s neck. 

Dogtra 1900S Series: Remote Dog Training E-Collar has a 3/4-mile coverage that is just perfect for both complex and simple training commands for your pup. So, this is the collar to buy if you want to improve your dog’s obedience level and hunting skills. Dogtra 1900S Series: Remote Dog Training E-Collar withstands 127 correction levels with precise control.

It features a backlit LCD screen for easier monitoring and correction. The best feature about this collar is that it has a high-performance pager function to transmit vibrations to your dog during training. Also, this dog shock collar is waterproof. So, don’t worry about your dog hunting during the rainy season!

Outstanding Features

  • Seamless design
  • It is IPX9K waterproof compliant
  • Features a backlit LCD screen
  • 3/4-mile coverage
  • Can withstand 127 correction levels
  • Convenient for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Easy visual control
  • Precise control
  • You should change the collars position on your dog’s next regularly to prevent cases of skin irritation.

#3. Best For Large Dogs: PATPET Shock Collars For Large Dogs with Remote

Do you have a large dog? If yes, then PATPET Shock Collar should fulfill your dream! It features an adjustable model that allows you to switch between vibration, beep, or static shock modes. Thanks to its small but strong ability, it is ideal for dogs that weigh between 15 lbs – 120 lbs.

PATPET Shock Collar is 100% waterproof. It means that the collar can survive even if your dog enters a deep-water basin of up to 3.2 F for at least 1/2 hours. What a great performance! It has 2. Not to forget, you can customize it to 16 levels while in static shock and up to 8 different levels while on vibration mode.

In addition, it has a long-lasting battery that can stay up to 30 days before recharging. Equipped with two collar receivers, PATPET Shock Collar is effective and safe!

Outstanding Features


  • Ideal for dogs ranging between 15 and 120 lbs
  • Features IPX7 waterproof receiver
  • Features 2 receivers
  • 3 different training modes
  • Features 1 transmitter
  • Safe for your dog
  • Durable battery
  • 2 channels offer optimum control to your dog
  • Offers effective training
  • It covers a bigfoot range
  • It’s easy to press the wrong switch.

#4. Best Sporting: SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers – 500 Yard Range E-Collar

This SD-425X collar is one of the unique dog shock collars available in the market. This collar is very light, and your dog could hardly notice when carrying it around with its small size. It’s simple to operate, ensuring you concentrate on training all time. 

The SD-425X collar features three modes. That is a vibration, tone, or static stimulation mode. With a coverage mile range of 500 miles, this collar enables you to switch to up to 21 different levels while in static mode.

It is submersible and hence waterproof. Its strap is expandable to 22 inches, making it ideal for small, medium, and large dogs. The best feature of the SD-425X collar is that you can customize the remote buttons. SD-425X collar supports training for three dogs at the same time. It’s excellent and just the best for sport!

Outstanding Features

  • It features 3 modes, i.e., Tone/static/vibration
  • It has a 500-mile range coverage
  • Waterproof
  • It is expandable 
  • lightweight
  • It is convenient
  • You can customize its remote
  • Durable battery life
  • It is easy to operate
  • Offers critical training time
  • It’s easy to press the wrong control button.

#5. Best Value: NVK Shock Collars for Dogs With Remote

This shock collar features a wider mile range of up to 1600 miles. The big range offers a large training space for your dog. With 4-channels, NVK Shock Collar has three training modes, i.e., Beep mode, vibration mode, and static shock mode. This collar allows switching to 99 levels in static mode and 9 levels in vibration mode.

NVK Shock Collar has a rechargeable receiver and transmitter. Its battery life can last for at least 15 days. It features a 2-in-1 charging cable that helps you save space. Not to mention, it is an economic collar kit and has an IPX7 waterproof ability. 

NVK Shock Collar is equipped with a security lock to reduce missed operation between the different modes. So, don’t panic about electric shock. Your dog is safe!

Outstanding Features

  • Features magnetic charging and comes with a 2-in-1 charging cable
  • Three training modes
  • Security lock
  • 1600-mile range
  • Both transmitter and receiver are rechargeables
  • IPX7 waterproof receiver
  • Economic
  • Durable battery life
  • Safe for your dog
  • Offers a large space for training
  • Effective training
  • Some clients complain its strong shock is not suitable for small dogs.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Proximity Shock Collar

Now that you have many options to choose from, it might look easier. But how will you pick the right proximity shock collar for the job? It can be a little stressful and tiresome too. But you don’t need to worry, because you aren’t walking alone and we are here to help. In this buying guide, we address some tricky questions you might find stressful and hindering when picking the best proximity shock collar. 

Also, we highlight some of the important factors you should consider before making your final decision. So, relax and scroll down to the end to be informed. We are confident that you won’t have a second thought after you’re done with this section.

How Does A Proximity Shock Collar Function?

It is essential to clearly know how proximity shock collar functions. As its name implies, shock collars use electric current transmitted to the conductors in contact with the dog’s skin.

This electric stimulation varies and can be tickling, mild, or sensational. If used correctly, your dog’s health is not threatened. Instead, you’ll only establish good behavior in your dog. Most of these collars come with a customizable remote control. It allows you to customize the intensity of the shock, thus protecting your dog from harm.

Proximity Shock Collar V.S. Electric Fence

First and foremost, how do you differentiate a proximity shock collar from an electric fence? Truly, the two can look similar and disturbing to many people. Well, don’t panic! Because we got you.

The biggest difference between installing a wired dog fence and having a proximity shock collar is that; an electric fence is a physical barrier that you can see with your naked eye, while a proximity shock collar is a kit that acts like an invisible fence.

An electric fence is meant to shock your dog once it attempts to cross over the installed electric line. The line is a no-touch zone! It implies that your dog remains within the safe zone throughout.

On the other hand, a proximity shock collar requires you to put it around your dog’s neck. Once you’ve done this, you can control your dog to stay within a wireless fence. But this happens at your command. You only need to press a button, and the collar responds with the help of an in-built wireless transmitter.

The good thing about a proximity shock collar is that it allows your dog to be in a certain range. More so, it’s portable, and moving around with your dog isn’t a big deal!

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Proximity Shock Collar For Your Dog

Here are the key factors to consider when shopping for a proximity shock collar:

1. Coverage Range

Range refers to the distance that the transmitter can send a signal to the collar receiver. Nowadays, manufacturers produce dog shock collars with a wide mile range of up to 1600 miles.

But if you want, you can still find a collar with a shorter mile range. The most important thing to note about mile range is that obstacles such as buildings, hills, and mountains could be barriers to signal transmission. 

So, if your collar has a specification of a 500-mile range, it implies that the entire signal mile range without any obstruction is 500 miles. The nice thing is that, out of 100 dog owners, only a small fraction needs a large mile range.

It is because you want to keep your dog close to your home. However, long-mile-range collars are most needed and preferred for police dogs. So, it’s totally up to you!

2. Intensity

One of the most vital features to check before deciding is the collar’s intensity. Collars feature different levels of shock intensity.

A collar is composed of a positive and negative electrode that comes into contact with your dog’s skin. The two electrodes are meant to release shock once stimulated. But excess shock stimulation is irritative to your dog’s skin.

It is why you should be keen on the intensity capacity of the collar you want. Luckily, current manufacturers are producing adjustable-intensity collars. But as a rule of thumb, you should set your collar to an intensity range of 18-20 levels. It’s safer!

3. Training Mode

When picking the best proximity shock collar, you should consider a product that offers different training modes. Fortunately, many collars offer more than one training mode option. You only need to pick the one that is ideal for your dog. The different training modes help you give your dog a wide training experience.

Also, different training modes reduce the case of irritation and keep your dog safe. You don’t want your dog to be uncomfortable! In addition, some training modes allow you to change from one level to another. So, you can set the training mode to its most effective level.

4. Is It Heavy?

You don’t wish to add luggage to your dog, so you should pick a lightweight shock collar. With a light collar on your dog’s neck, taking long nature walks, sporting, and training with your dog will be a bit comfortable. If you want a flexible and lightweight proximity shock collar for sport, you’ll want to consider choosing the SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers – 500 Yard Range E-Collar. It’s nice and comfortable for your dog.

5. Price

Is the price worth it? Consider picking a shock collar whose price range suits your budget. Even though, as the popular saying states, the cheaper the product, the least expectations you should have. But this should not discourage you.

6. Brand Value

You should consider checking for a quality brand. It is because the brand goes hand in hand with the durability of a product. So, picking a low-quality brand can lower the reliability of that product. 

There are many competitive shock collar brands available on the market. But we hope that the listed collar brands suit your needs.

7. Is It Waterproof?

Last but also important, consider whether the collar you’re buying is waterproof to get the right collar for the job. Of course, dogs love playing with water sometimes during physical exercise.

So, getting the best waterproof shock collar with a shock-resistant receiver is necessary. It is better to check thoroughly on the product description to confirm the submersible depth that the collar can withstand. Some collars can withstand a depth of up to 6 Ft. Moreover, other remote transmitters float while in dunks.

Waterproof shock collars are long-lasting and are made of comfortable material. Therefore, look no further than choosing those collars furnished in PVC or made of neoprene. Such collars handle serious dunking!

Common Problems With Your Proximity Shock Collars

Are you wondering why your proximity shock collar isn’t responding? Well, there is a big chance that it has become malfunctioned. 

Here are some of the factors that may lead to your collar’s poor responses:

  • Presence of metal a metal roof
  • Stucco siding
  • Sloppy landscape
  • Presence of many trees
  • Low battery charge

If you note any of these issues, try moving your dog to a clearer place. Or else the collar will make your dog uncomfortable because of unnecessary shocks. You don’t want to hurt your dog! 


Are shock collars harmful to your dog?

Proximity shock collars are not harmful to your dog’s health. The electric stimulation produced is mild and harmless. But if you notice that your dog is irritated with putting on a collar, try to find out what’s happening to your dog. You can seek a professional’s advice.

Do proximity shock collars work?

Yes! You only need to ensure that no obstacles hinder the signal transmittance. 

Is a proximity shock collar expensive to buy?

The price of a proximity shock collar can range from as low as $30 to $250, depending on the brand.

Wrap Up

It is important to train your dog to refrain from bad behavior and become obedient. Based on the above criteria, these are our best proximity shock collars. We hope that you find the best collar for the task.

But you can consider checking the E-Collar-Et-300 – 1/2 Mile Remote Waterproof Remote Training Collar. It’s a top-notch training collar for your dog. But if it doesn’t suit you, you can opt for Dogtra 1900S Series: Remote Dog Training E-Collar. It’s a top-quality kit as well. However, before you decide, consider checking all factors thoroughly.

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